Posted: November 26, 2012 in Roca-Pads

Roca-Pads Sketch Link

Summary of Sketch

This sketch is a fake commercial for the new feminine product, “Roca-Pads”, that are being promoted by Damon Dash, the CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records, a famous hip-hop record label. In this sketch, Dave Chappelle is poking fun at the wide and growing array of rapper-endorsed products. One female is in need of a feminine sanitary product and asks her friend, Pam, for something. The female obliges and gives her a “Roca Pad”. There is a short interlude where the rapper describes the virtues of “Roca-Pads”. This is followed by a scene where the females happily leave the room together but run into some linguistic irregularities along the way.

Description of Characters


Unknown Female 2

Damon Dash


Roca-Pads dialogue, Part 1


(Sitting on a bed together)

Pam:   Hey what’s the matter?

F2:      Pam, do you have anything sanitary? I’m all out and my flow is heavy.

Pam:   Do I? Girl, I got something that will keep your flow muthafuckin’ tizz-ight!

F2:      Muthafuckin tizz-ight?

Roca-Pads dialogue, Part 2


(Both coming out of the bathroom laughing)

Pam:   You feelin’ fresh now?

F2:      (doing a dance move) mmm, fo’shizzle my bizzle!

Pam:   What are you doing?

F2:      What? Nothing.


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