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Big Al and Black Reparations Sketch Link


Description of Characters

Chuck- Newscaster

Big Al- Weatherman

Summary of Sketch

In this sketch Chuck the newscaster from New Center 3 is delivering breaking news entitled Reparations 2003. Congress approved paying over a trillion dollars to African Americans as reparations for slavery. There are several scenes depicting the reaction of African Americans to their newfound wealth. In this particular scene Big Al, the well-known weatherman, reveals his true identity.


Chuck:     Anyhow, here with the weather is our old pal, reliable, friendly, portly Big Al

Big Al: (starts with a clap, dressed in jewelry) Happy Reparations Day. Happy Juneteenth. Haha, Just kidding.

Chuck, I don’t know if you know this but I just handed in my resignation at News Center 3 hours ago and I’ll tell you something else you probably didn’t know and that is this. This is not my real speaking voice.

(Changes voice) Actually Chuck, this my real speaking voice. I talk like a straight up gangsta, bitch.

(Camera switches to Chuck with a shocked look on his face)

Chuck:      b-

My name ain’ Big Al. It’s Altin Sims ok.

Chuck:      Big Al seriously what’s the forecast for the tri-state area

Big Al:      Oh I don’t know Chuck. Why don’t we take a look at my tri-state area map which looks a lot like my big fat ass.

(Turns around)

Ok here we have Connecticut. (points to his back). White folks drive down 95 and go straight into the Holland Tunnel. Uh oh look out. Here comes a big brown truck. Wait a minute that ain’ no truck. (farts)

Chuck:      Oh my god that is disgusting

Big Al:       I’m paid, I’m paid, I’m paid in XXX (begins beat boxing)

Chuck:      Is that beat boxing?

Big Al:      You ol’ pasty bastard. Look at you Chuck. You look sick man. You look like you just walked off from ground zero

(Camera switches to Chuck looking at his skin)

This job sucks. Kiss the rings bitch (puts up pinky with a ring on it). I’m out (lips this phrase)