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Black Bush

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Black Bush

Black Bush Sketch Link

Summary of Sketch

In this sketch, Dave Chappelle imagines what it would be like if President George W. Bush were a black man. He places the character “Black Bush” in the same situations that the President was in.. All the cabinet members are black as well. This sketch chronicles the build-up of the Iraq War and its aftermath. These moments are noted in sketches such as “The lead up to war”, “British Intelligence”, “Proof”, “Oil”, “U.N.”, “Invasion”, “Victory”, “Civil Unrest”, and “Saddam Captured”.

Description of Characters

Black Bush
Black Tony Blair
Black Head of the CIA
Some Black Dude (Although the screen says “Some Black Dude”, the character is referred to as “Jeb” in the dialogue so we can assume this is supposed to be Jeb Bush)
A white female reporter
A white male reporter
A black male reporter


“The lead up to war”


Black Bush:                 After carefully examining the region me and my cabinet agree that that area is definitely ripe for regime change…but if I can be real about it?
Cabinet Member:     Be real, son.
Black Bush:                 Real?
Cabinet Member:     Be real real, son.
Black Bush:                 He tried to kill my father, man. I don’t play that shit!
Cabinet Member:     Yo say word he tried to kill your father, son.
Black Bush: (grabbing the microphone from above): THE NIGGA TRIED TO KILL MY FATHER!!
Cabinet Member:     Word to everything we love we comin’ to see yall, son!

“Saddam Captured”


Black Reporter:      Mr. President. Mr. President, sir. How do you explain the continual upheaval in Iraq even after the capture of Saddam Hussein?

Black Bush:              Why you doin’ this man? I thought yous my black brother. Why yous aks me questions like dat?