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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Sketch Link


Description of Characters

Vernon Franklin – VP of Viacorp Corporation

Frank Murphy – Officer of Viacorp Corporation and Vernon’s mentor

Summary of Sketch

In this sketch Vernon Franklin is described as a rags to riches success story. He was the valedictorian of his high school class and the first in his family to attend college ending the cycle of drugs and violence. He was the youngest Vice President of the Viacorp Corporation. In this scene the officers were rapping up the usually Thursday meeting when Vernon’s mentor, Frank Murphy, made an awkward comment. Vernon  negatively reacts to his comment.


Narrator:      The officers of his company were raping up the usual Thursday meeting in the south conference room when Frank Murphy the man who had mentored Vernon made an awkward comment.

Frank:            Vernon great job buddy. You the man. Give me some skin huh. (Raises hand in Vernon’s face for high five)

Narrator:     Vernon got along with all of the people he worked with, which in his heart of hearts made him feel like an Uncle Tom. Though he could have ignored this simple comment his mentor made, Vernon decided to keep it real.

Vernon:        Get your motha-fuckin hand out of my face. You heard me motha-fucka. Get your hand out of my face. (Slaps hand away)

Whatcha think this is man? Just shake my hand like a man. (Stands up) I gotta give you some five on the back hand side with all of this crazy jive. (Does a dance and changes voice) That’s bullshit. Wanna soft shoe should I juggle some watermelon for you boss (does a dance and changes voice). Fuck all that nigga.

Frank:            Hey Vernon, buddy (reaches out hand to Vernon)

Vernon:        Get your motha-fuckin hands off me Frank. This ain’ a game.

Frank:           This isn’t the Vernon I know.

Vernon:        Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Hov. Haven’t heard that before have you. Rap music is dangerous.

(Turns to other colleague)

I used to beat motha-fuckas up just like you just for walkin around my way nigga (pointing at colleague).

(Frank gets up and reaches for Vernon)

Frank:        Vernon, buddy

(Vernon turns around and points to Frank’s seat)

Vernon:     You better sit the fuck down Frank

Frank:       Excuse me

Vernon:    I said sit down bitch. Thug life (pushes Frank in his seat) You think this a game nigga. (barks three times) Wu-Tang (throws up Wu-Tang sign)